Sunday, April 19, 2009

Riverina, San Pablo City - Ready for Housing Construction

The Fil-Estate family is proud to announce the major developments in Riverina subdivision, which are the availability of Meralco Supply, the finishing of the major road networks and the availability of water supply for the project. These major accomplishments make RIVERINA READY FOR HOUSING CONSTRUCTION!

Having prepared Riverina to address the housing construction needs of the lot owners, the company is happy to also announce that Fil-Estate has found the perfect partner that can address your various housing needs, through its Community Development Partnership with SYSCO Development Corporation.

Fil-Estate and SYSCO understand your needs and concerns in finding the “perfect" housing partner who can provide you with options, and a partner that can help you achieve your housing needs, affordability. With SYSCO, Fil-Estate ASSURE the lot owners that THEY CAN BE that partners.

SYSCO creatively built (4) house models that suit the lot owners interest in Riverina. The house models are as follows:

STELLA MODEL – 2 to 3BR / 3 T&B

Click the model above to see the details.

To learn more about SYSCO Dream Homes, kindly contact:

Noel V. Niego
Property Consultant
Fil-Estate Sales, Inc – Div 1729
Mobile Nbrs: (0917)529-8102, (0910)514-7063


Kirstz @ ayala land Laguna said...

I don’t have any idea what this place look, it is because I’ve never been to that place. But I am glad that this place is ready for housing construction and I am looking forward to visit Laguna soon. Thanks.

Patrick said...

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Siyanin said...

Don't you have any pictures?

Siyanin said...

Don't you have any pictures?